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You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine

Har used to sing that to me when he was a baby.. only it sounded more like “Shunshine” It would make me smile.. His beautiful little voice.. and that tender loving look in his eyes.. He’s such a caring boy… I love him.. When he would take his naps.. during the spring or summer months.. I would sit outside on the porch in the sun.. and soak up all the beauty.. I love the sun.. just sitting there with a cool breeze blowing.. watching the bugs dance among the blades of grass.. Today I was drinking my coffee and smokin’ out in the Shunshine.. How peaceful it was just sitting there on the warm concrete.. watching the neighbors go about thier days.. wondering what it was like in all the houses around.. wether there’s a single mom working her tail off to take care of her babies.. or wether there’s a couple of newlyweds getting into thier first fight… a couple with some dogs.. that will be thier only children.. or a married couple talking about divorce… I don’t know if you think about things like that.. when you are driving by people’s houses and see them walking out.. or in.. I do. .. I allways wonder what’s going on in thier life.. wether they are happy.. or have they had thier share of heartache as well.. It’s not that I’m nosey… (yeah I am.. but.. that’s not why) but sometimes you sit and have pity parties for yourself.. thinking that life has spit on you and you wonder why everyone else gets what they want.. and you get crap… then you take an honest look at the other lives around you.. not necesarily the ones that you are connected to.. but the ones you don’t know.. and you can’t honestly say you are being “treated” so bad by life.. a man who’s walking his elderly dog.. with hard work written all over his face.. I know he’s seen hard times.. everyone has.. even if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth.. you still have bad days.. we all do.. So next time you go to Mcdonald’s.. and they get your order wrong.. remember.. the little girl behind the counter is trying to make it.. just like you.. and she probably doesn’t make enough to take your crap… the next time you go to the Dr.. and you are complaining about that ingrown hair on your butt.. the nurse just might be worried about her mother with terminal cancer.. The next time you go to Walmart with your kids.. and they are absolutely driving you nuts.. and you wish you had left them at home… there might be a mother watching you.. wishing she could hold her baby .. instead she goes home sits in his room holds his things.. and wishes he would get on her nerves again… The next time you get into a fight with your significant other.. before you say.. I hate you.. remember.. those who don’t have thier husbands.. because they give thier life up for others… those who had to give birth to thier babies.. and go to a funeral for the babies daddy 3 days later.. Those who have just as much strife as you.. just as hard.. just as painful.. stop complaining.. reach out your hand.. and say.. I understand.. It’ll all be alright.. we’ll live to see another day.. and then Sit back and enjoy the sun… watch the bugs dance among the blades of grass.. feel the cool breeze blow by.. and thank God for all the wonderful things he has given you..