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I do want you to know

That I appreciate all the GOOD you’ve ever done for me. The gold nugget ring I wanted SO bad at age 11 was one of my most cherished items. It still kills me it was stolen. I dreamed of kids I might one day have and wanted so much to regift that joy to a daughter of my own. Obviously the things I cherish the most weren’t material. Hanging out with me while you were laid off and I was pregnant with my son… Wonderful times. You coming up twice for my surgeries… Even after all the drama that were things taken the wrong way, I honestly do appreciate you taking time out of your life and money for the trip to help me when I needed you.

I don’t want a relationship with either of you. I think that it is just way too toxic for any person to live happy. Much too toxic for my beautiful son. You would not believe how toxic it would be on my baby girl. She is so special. They both are. My son has had way too much and my daughter.. Thankfully, never even remembers you. I’ve always been a big fan of allowing my kids to make their own decisions when it comes to knowing their family. He has made his choice and has chosen to never speak to any of you ever again. In his own words “I’ve watched them make you cry more than I have ever wanted to.” She has only glimpsed at the “broken Mommy” but will never get over the pain her aunt has caused her. I have chosen to simply keep it that way. One day she may call upon you. You, then, can choose to ignore her. I really wish you would. If there is anything there that ever loved me, and I choose to think so, I hope you take it all and love her enough to just walk away.

Again, Mom, I don’t want you to ever think that I took for granted the peeks of love you gave, she was just more nurturing, kind and who I needed. As far as your only child. I have nothing to be thankful to her for and I’ll leave it at that.