Sunday Blues

I haven’t been a very good daughter I don’t think.. My Dad loves having all us kids (My sister n I.. and the babies) out on the weekends… “Sunday at 6!” my Dad will call and say.. and at 4p.m. on Sunday afternoon he’ll be callin’ making sure we are still coming.. the last coupla sunday’s I’ve sucked up my laziness and went out there.. I had a very good time… Harley went fishin’ rode on the “Green Bull” My dad drank beer and laughed… My sister had gas.. My stepmother complained.. and I guess I just sat back and thought about how it was when we were kids… I miss those days.. Tiffany was allways so skinny and dirty LOL.. a tomboy she was.. My brother Bo.. the duke of hazard… lol.. Me.. with my oddness.. Back then love came to us so easily.. we were so forgiving.. hard headed.. and innocent. Nowadays we have “lives” that control us.. and we seem to forget the important things. Like Sunday’s at 6, I miss my family.. I miss the chaos, the fighting, the nitpicking, the love. My Granny, the queen of the bunch, My mom the “princess”… My sister the maiden, My brother the knight.. Me the jester… My Dad.. the king.. of all the land.. lol.. Even when the worst things that will hopefully ever happen to me happened then.. I can’t help but want to go back.. to that time when I didn’t have demands on my time and my only worry was that I might miss The Electric Company because my brother wanted to watch the A-Team… Silly.. that the best years of my childhood were of when I was with my grandma.. the safe years.. my nurtured years.. and when I think of happy times.. it’s when I was living through pure hell and we were all together… Maybe not so silly.. I would live through anything just to be with my family. I wonder if they know that… even tho Mom will call my sister and put me down for buying a yellow car.. and my grandma is still saying I’ll be just like my mother.. my sister can sometimes be self-absorbed and my brother.. well that’s another story… My dad making promises he doesn’t keep.. I’d still be there for any of them.. even tho I’m lazy.. All they need to do is call and say “Sunday at 6!” and I’ll be there with bells on. Loveyabye

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