And Then I found 5 dollars

This fella that used to work with/for me used to say that when he would be telling a story and the other party acted like it was a “had to be there” type deal… So Fred is my friend I went to school with.. and the other day he said lacy is really getting old… HA! …. small patch of silence…. And then I found 5 dollars.

He says sometimes he’ll use “and then I stabbed him” instead.. just to keep people on thier toes.. Today however.. I found 5 dollars!

I stopped at my gas station to get coffee yesterday morning and found 5 dollars lying on the floor. I had found 5 dollars earlier in my jeans pocket that I hadn’t worn in quite a while so I felt pretty cool finding 10 dollars in one day.

This morning when I stopped for coffee I pulled out the 5 and the ones I had left from the other five and thought to myself… “Watch me drop this 5 dollars after I found it on the floor…” When then led to the following thoughts…

What if I were suppossed to drop it. What some all knowing being or just fate was using me as a carrier for this 5 dollars. I was there.. I picked it up.. then the next day at the same place I drop it.. for the person whom the 5 dollars would be used more wisely than coffee .. and more needed.

What if I were suppossed to find the 5 dollars.. and then accidently drop it the next day because a single mother who was barely scraping by this week needed to buy milk for her child and the 5 dollars would do that.

What if I were suppossed to find the 5 dollars and then accidently drop it the next day because an elderly widowed woman needed 5 dollars in gas to reach her docter.

What if by chance there would be some kid who really has no parents that care and is hungry.. and 5 dollars would buy them a sandwich and maybe something to drink.

And because I pay so much attention to detail.. and made sure the 5 dollars didn’t fall out of my pocket.. because.. we all know.. a dollar is a dollar right? that the 5 dollars stayed within my pocket for safe keeping and the person who was suppossed to find it didn’t.

Some may say I’m crazy.. insane.. whathaveya… 5 dollars isn’t life or death to me. Losing 5 dollars won’t even severly inconvience me. I can survive without 5 dollars….

So I dropped it.


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