Happy Father’s Day

Throughout my life I have had several father figures that stick out in my mind this father’s day weekend. I want to remember them… thank them.. and acknowledge thier importance in my life… this is for my Dad… the one who did not lie to me when I was 5 and did not understand why he had a different last name.. but told me “Last names don’t mean anything do they? It’s the love you feel for each another” …Today I still have a different last name.. but the love is still ever present…..

Dear Dad,

You have loved me for a lifetime. You’ve never failed to be there when I needed you.. nor ever denied me… You’ve lifted me up when I was down.. and allowed me to fall.. Even today you are there for me and my child.. and have given me the most precious gift anyone could ever give to me…acknowledgement, discipline, and never ending unconditional love. Your heart has always been pure and honest.. even when I wanted to hear something else.. you’ve always told me the truth. No matter how harsh. You loved me when you didn’t have to.. when it was not expected of you.. and have always included me as one of your children. Dad.. this father’s day is all about you.. It is your day.. the day that your children will remember what a wonder part of our lives you are… I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of that.. allowing me to call you my father.. and giving me a reason to have someone to be thankful for this weekend. You are the greatest man I know. I love you….

Your daughter…


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